Opportunity Village

I think everyone should make some time to volunteer their time as well as their money to note worthy causes. All across this great nation there are worthy causes. Individuals and companies alike can give back to their communities. For instance, the North Face company who makes The NorthFace fleece jackets is well known for their work regarding climate awareness and sustainability. As they say on their website: “Encouraging people to experience the outdoors, protecting the environment and addressing the impacts of climate change are at the heart of our business.” Now I’m not saying you have to have such a large global agenda. Small non profits in your local community are another place you can impact others around you.

There are non-profit organizations designed to help so many people. I have been know to spend a little bit of time with one of my favorite charities. Now, it is important when you are volunteering that you keep in mind your talents. I love a charity called the Opportunity Village in Las Vegas. They help handicapped people find work & support their own lifestyle. They help them to become independent. As you & I both know independence is one of the most important things that most people look for in life. Every individual deserves it and Opportunity Village make it possible for so many people to become independent, it is awe inspiring.

I was first introduced to the foundation through a friend, who’s mother was doing volunteer work there. He asked me to help with an event. He said it would help his mother out who was short of hands for her latest project. When you are volunteering, you should not do something that wastes your talents, if you can help it. I am pretty much open to do anything so if there is anything that needs to be done I will try to step in and help. I have done some event set up & break down like I did for the first time but I have also helped in ticket distribution & promoting drawings as well as other event planning. You see I have been in sales & marketing for some time so when she needed to get rid of any drawing tickets or needed to fill extra seats at an event I was who she would call upon. I was always happy to help because of the wonderful things that they do.

My friend’s mother no longer works at Opportunity Village. Unfortunately, I am not there as often as before, but I still find myself trying to lend a helpful hand and support their cause when ever possible. They have a great Christmas light festival every year when they hand what must be a million bulbs up for cars to drive through while looking at all the decorations. Opportunity Village just has so many wonderful events and are always looking for another helping hand if you are looking to give one. Even if donating time is not your cup of tea you can always give money or other much needed items. Please get in touch with them directly if you have any interest in donating anything for any reason.

If you have another worthy cause in mind don’t hesitate getting up and taking action soon. I am sure they would love a helping hand from you!

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