Non-Profits Myths (cont.)

4. There’s no upward mobility in nonprofits

In reality, the non-profit sector provides many people a lifetime of exciting and rewarding work. Also, NPOs tend to offer young people more leadership / advanced opportunities than other sectors.

5. Everyone that works in the nonprofit sector is a sweetheart

You’ll find as many difficult personalities, big egos and office politics in the nonprofit sectors as you would in the for profit sectors. People are people.

6. NPOs aren’t competitive – and they all pull together.
See #4 above. Especially in a declining economy, nonprofit organizations compete intensely, all vying for dwindling funding, recognition and media attention.

7. NPOs waste time and money, literally.
There’s an assumption that nonprofit organizations don’t have clear bottom lines not have clear bottom lines or profit margins; because of dwindling funding, nonprofits generally need to be even more creative and efficient with spending than the for profit counterparts.

8. Nonprofits only do direct service work.
Many people who work for NPOs are actually accountants, sales people, computer programmers, human resources professionals, fundraisers, managers, and executives, not to mention researchers and advocates. They’re not all soup kitchen workers or mentoring pros.

9. NPOs are informal and lack resources.

Many hospitals and universities with multimillion dollar annual budgets are NPOs. Business attire is actually the norm at many nonprofits.

10. NPOs support left-wing causes.
The nonprofit sector itself doesn’t have a political agenda – and the fact is that many organizations exist solely to provide services and promote interests that the government doesn’t. In other words, you’ll find right-wing, left-wing and centralist tendencies in the NPO world.

11. Working for a nonprofit is exactly like volunteering.
True that many non – profits rely on volunteers to do some of their direct services work. They, though, are often shielded from the organizational, financial, and other challenges with which the actual employees of an organization must deal.

In short there are plenty of Non – Profit myths to go around. I have not even hit on all of them here and I am sure that as soon as I publish this there will likely be a whole new laundry list of myths in circulation for me to update the site about next time around. It is not always easy to distinguish fact from fiction when dealing in these matters so I like to take everything I hear with a grain of salt to say. You never know when you are being given good information or bad information until you do your due diligence. Make sure you take some time to research. You need to know the most up to date information to make the best decisions.

If you have any questions regarding other myths I would love to hear from you anytime and I’ll try to help if I can….